Dictionary of Forestry

The purpose of this glossary is provide definitions for terms used throughout the site.

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A horizon

see horizon


pertaining to the nonliving parts of an ecosystem , such as soil particles, bedrock, air, water

abiotic disease

a disease resulting from nonliving agents, such as temperature or air pollution


the combined processes, e.g., sublimation , melting, and evaporation, that remove snow or ice from the surface of a glacier, snowfield, etc.

ablation till

the loose, relatively permeable material, either contained within or accumulated on the surface of a glacier deposited during the downwasting of nearly static glacial ice

abney level

a hand-held instrument used to determine slopes, elevations, and heights note abney levels have commonly been replaced by more modern clinometers

absolute map accuracy

the accuracy of a map in relationship to the earth's geoid note the accuracy of locations on a map that are defined relative to the earth's geoid are considered absolute because their positions are global in nature and accurately fix a locat

absolute stand density

see stand density


the amount of radiant energy absorbed by a given substance of definite dimensions; the ratio of the amount of radiant energy absorbed to the total amount incident on that substance


ecology the number of organisms in a population , combining density within inhabited areas and number and size of inhabited areas

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